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About Your Piano

Piano Tuning

Regular tuning of your piano is important to counteract temperature and humidity change. 

Your piano may require either a standard fine tuning at its current pitch, or a pitch raise and fine tuning if you would like your piano bringing up to concert pitch from somewhere below. 

Regulation and Repairs


If your piano feels sluggish, stodgy or unresponsive, it may require a little TLC! Regulation of the piano action helps to ensure that it is working to its optimum.

From time to time, your piano may require some repair work. Minor repairs can usually be carried out during a routine tuning appointment. A full consultation will be given on the day before any work is carried out.



If you have a query regarding a particular piano, or would just like some general advice, I will be more than happy to help. I very much enjoy my work, and will only ever give you my honest opinion. If your piano has seen better days, I will tell you! I pride myself on my reputation.



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